Our Business

Vision and Mission

Travel Expert understands that long-lasting loyalty, support, and trust from our customers can only be gained through professionalism.“Exceed expectations and strive for perfection” is the core belief embraced by all our employees, and we take pride in this professional attitude that sets us apart. It is, and always will be, our mission to ensure our products and services can perfectly meet our customers’ needs and bring them delight and satisfaction.


As a company that attends to people’s needs, we see the importance of connections – not just with our customers, but employees, partners, and suppliers as well. Travel Expert is keen on building close relationships with different parties involved in our service chain, and we aim at developing a mutually beneficial business environment based on strong partnership and effective cooperation.


Travel Expert Limited

We design your journey.

Our team at Travel Expert is committed to assist you in creating your own personalised holidays, whether you want to dine with a local family in Japan, cruise among islets in Vietnam, sleep under the stars in Australia, or immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Greece. You get to decide where to go, what to see, and how to spend your time.

At Travel Expert, we know what makes an enjoyable holiday is the cosy feeling that everything is well taken care of. Our professional and friendly team goes all out to provide a wide range of destinations and transportation options, offer expert advice and assistance, and make sure our prices are best value for money. From the instant you start planning your trip, till the moment you return home, we are there for you along the way to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible, and that you can make the most out of your journey.


Travel Expert Business Services Limited

We help you to reap the benefits of being an elite traveller, around the world and across the board.

Travel Expert Business Services focuses on delivering first-class services and products to our clients. We leverage the know-how and offer services ranging from booking accommodation to reserving plane tickets, coordinating overseas conferences to planning site visits. Our meticulous attention to details yet flexible approach allows us to customize trips for business of all sizes. So rest assured, we are committed to fulfil your travel needs with professionalism and assist you in achieving your business goals.


Tailor Made Holidays Limited

There are few things more romantic than an intimate holiday with your beloved one. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion – a honeymoon or an anniversary – or just want to take a break from the humdrum of everyday routine, taking a trip together is undoubtedly the ideal way to ignite your flame and passion.

“Love2Travel” by Tailor Made Holidays is our distinct product specially designed to cater the needs for your romantic getaway. We are dedicated to help you create amazing and beautiful memories with your beloved. From picking the most splendid resort at your favourite destination, to organising the perfect surprise event, every single element of your journey is handled with great attention.

“Love2Travel” takes care of all the planning and details of your holiday, so that you can sit back and focus on the most important thing: your partner.


Cruise Expert Limited

Cruise Expert is always pioneering and innovative with our cruise travels. A Cruise Expert experience is more than just sailing from one destination to another – it is a one of a kind journey packed with thrilling new discoveries, starting from the moment you step aboard the cruise liner.

As an authorised dealer of numerous internationally renowned cruise lines, our cruises feature a wide selection of entertainment, facilities, and on-board activities such as bouldering, indoor skydiving, surfing lessons, and pool parties, perfect for those who have an adventurous and fun-loving soul.

Our well-qualified cruise team are all highly experienced and filled with passion. Cruise Expert offers innovative onshore programmes that go far beyond notable attractions and group tours. Whether you prefer to have a guided hike in the mountains or an exquisite culinary journey, we can always customise your excursions to match your specific interests, lifestyle, and budget, providing you with a spectacular cruising experience.


Premium Holidays Limited

Experience the ultimate in luxurious journeys with Premium Holidays.

With our specialised team of experienced travel experts, Premium Holidays offers a collection of exclusive journeys that are in a class of their own.

Whether it is an escorted group vacation, a private independent journey, or a corporate business trip, Premium Holidays promises to elevate travel beyond the ordinary. We provide a wide selection of the finest hotels and restaurants, each carefully picked for their exceptional combination of outstanding qualities, impeccable services, and remarkable characters. Every destination of your choice can be explored through enriching series of sightseeing, excursions, and extraordinary events, customised to suit your interests and specific needs.


Take My Hand Limited


Take My Hand is a comprehensive wedding brand providing local and overseas one-stop wedding services – the very first of its kind in Hong Kong.

Take My Hand is so much more than a typical wedding planning brand. Our range of services includes: speed dating, couple matching, wedding proposal arrangement, local and overseas wedding photography, local wedding coordination, wedding Master of Ceremonies, honeymoon planning, and so on.

Led by Tim Lau, the master wedding planner with more than 10 years of experience in the wedding industry, our professional team is defined by our expert knowledge, attention to details, and unlimited creativity; and we are always up for new and fun ideas. We understand how wonderful it is to have an unforgettably beautiful event, and we are right there to make your dream wedding come true and assist you wholeheartedly.