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Travel Expert was founded in 1986 in Hong Kong. Being one of the most extensive travel agents in Hong Kong.

travel expert
Travel Expert LtdFocusing on selling airline tickets and providing hotel reservation services into an individual travel package specialist enterprise. Being one of the most extensive travel agents in Hong Kong, the company embraces over 50 outlets offering diversified travel products at easily accessible locations.
Cruise Expert LimitedProvide corresponding travel arrangements like shore excursions, transportation and been endorsed as "Cruise Experts" by major cruise liners.
business travel
Travel Expert Business Services LimitedTravel Expert Business Services Limited (TEBS) was established since October 2011, our corporate mission “Exceeding Customer Expectation Sets Us Apart” has encouraged us to deliver extraordinary services to customers.
tailor made holidays
Tailor Made Holidays (TMH)Tailor Made Holidays caters convenient, value-for-money,instant, and hassie-free travel services to busy urbanista who loves to travel, its services truly reveal the "carefree" and simple spirit of free independent travel.

premium holiday

Premium Holidays Limited

The premium experience beyond your desire" is what the latest group tour brand promises to deliver. With a specialized team formed with travel veterans, Permium Holidays offer innovative and exotic theme tours and cruise vacations to meet the emerging demand for quality travel. Customizing personalized small group tours and meeting the various travel requirements and budgets are also the promising services that the premium team provides. 


Pack2fly is a member of Travel Expert Group, which is listed on the Main Board of SEHK on Sep 2011 (Stock Code 1235). You can instantly book your desired flights and hotels, with just a few simple steps. To reduce your traveling cost and time, we will constantly provide you attractive offers! We are sure you will be always enchanted and will pack to get your escape right away!

Take my hand

Take My Hand Limited Take My Hand is our newest brand established by a specialized team led by the ‘ Wedding Connoisseur’ Mr. Tim Lau who has years of experience in wedding planning, providing speed dating and one-stop local and overseas wedding services.







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